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Sandeep Grover

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"  I held my first camera in  (mention the year) when I was in 5th standard when  I took fancy to my Dad’s ABC camera and since then it became not just my best friend but more a part of me ....maybe my third eye.... what started as a hobby with me taking candid shots developed into passion of my life...a Passion to showcase the beauty of this beautiful world. I always used to admire the covers of Vogue, Femina, Elle and other life style magazines and always dreamt of doing similar good job.

But this passion remained passion with myself learning the tricks of the trade and honing my skills with experiments on my family and friends whenever I got a chance..whether it was a vacation trip, a family function , friends party and other similar moments  and all the while I was trying to make a career in a totally different profession.


But 2001 was the year of my calling wherein I realised that , as in other aspects of life, happiness is where the heart is and as destiny would have it..I did a short term course with Mr. Girish Mistry (Mumbai) . I was broke , penniless but but full of resolve and just wanted my first break which I got with my first shoot of Sheetal Fashions followed by Catalogue shoot for Nari Brand. One thing followed the other, the perseverance paid off and there has been no dearth of clients, not just new ones but repeats from National clients. My shoot with Jaish, a designer of Sri lanka, was a breakthrough to go international. Since then I have done shoots for major National and International Brands.


My motto in life is to give quality work at reasonable prices.


Now, I have a talented team of photographers and cinematographers to provide our esteemed clients with the best results and outputs in wedding and other challenging aspects of photography. Keep watching this site and blogs for updates.



Sandeep Grover

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